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Prabu, India
I recommend Tejas Cosmetic Center to everyone

Great experience with Tejas Cosmetic. I am 27 and had gynecomastia from age 14. For so many years I was shy to express my situation to anyone, but when the talk of my marriage was around in my home, I started thinking of this problem because its unknown how my counterpart will react to this embarrassing situation even though it is not life-threatening.

So through the net, I came to know about Dr Senthil of Tejas Cosmetic in Coimbatore. In my mind, there was a dilemma whether to undergo surgery in Coimbatore or Chennai as I live in Coimbatore and after surgery 4 to 5 visits are required, so I decided to consult Dr Senthil @ Tejas.

Guys, believe me, he is an experienced Doctor for more than 18 years in surgery and after a physical examination and consulting, he advised me to undergo liposuction and gland excision. On seeing his professionalism I was 100% confident that I came to the right place Dr advised me to take some blood tests and my surgery was scheduled on the 4th day of consultation as my reports were normal. I was very excited on the day of surgery. I reached the hospital by 9 am. My surgery was scheduled for 10 am. Dr reached by 9.30. After some regular check-ups, I was taken to the Operation Theatre where I laid down on the bed and was given general anaesthesia. In 5 mins gone to sleep.

After, the Dr woke me up and said your surgery is a success. There was no pain at all. Even I can’t believe that my surgery is complete. On the 1st day I felt some minimum pain, which is normal. 20 hours after surgery I went home. Happy there was no pain after 1st day and when my stitches were removed on the 15th day (no pain) there is a flat chest. I feel great and happy. I recommend Tejas Cosmetic Center to everyone as the charges are also very less compared to others. If you are in Coimb, no second thoughts. Close your eyes go and visit Dr Senthil @ Tejas Cosmetic. All the best!

Rajesh, India
Surgery was smooth

I was suffering from male breast enlargement for more than 8 years and I could get a consultation with Dr senthil at Tejas cosmetic surgery.
He was an experienced Cosmetic surgeon and seeing him I had the confidence of having surgery by his hands
he showed the excellent results done by him.
I went ahead with surgery without any fear
surgery was smooth and I could return my routine
within 3 to 4 days
The cost was also affordable and I recommend to everyone Dr senthil at Tejas.

Tejas cosmetic surgery is excellent in the view of handling patients with at most care
the procedures suggested by him were safe
the center is in RS puram in the center of the city.
Dr senthil is a kind and efficient cosmetic surgery

Treated by: Dr Senthil Kumar

Sarath, India
Surgery was successful

I’m sarath 22 years old. My surgery done on 28-12-2014. I have no pain after surgery. Surgery was successful.
And this surgery totally changed my body look. doctors and hospital staffs take more care of me.
Totally the surgery was very helpful and I’m fine now

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I went to sir clinic I said my problem and sir is told about that how to treat in surgery and told cost of surgery and how many days follow up and about post operative care So I did surgery and now am feel good comfort manner and living in confidently and more happily and sir is treated good manner. Take more care and friendly in good rapport manner so thank you so much sir !


Awesome, Sincere, kind and Dignified Doctor. Charging less price and offering highly equipped service. I have done nose lifting surgery and the result is very good

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Shri hari prasad

I have hair fall issue, I have approached few clinics for remedy, eventually, I come to know about Tejas cosmetic, hence I consulted Dr.Senthilkumar, he suggested me PRP treatment regimen for my hair fall, as per Dr direction I underwent 2 settings, I could find drastic changes I mean to say hair fall almost got stopped.
Dr is friendly and patient-centric and flexible. Moreover, he gives space to clarify our queries as well.
Hope with upcoming settings I will get hair growth.

Sivaprasad Gopakumar

I am prasad. 28 years from Thrissur, kerala. I consulted Dr, Senthil kumar for gynecomastia and had undergone gynecomastia surgery on July 2nd week 2019.Now I am very happy after surgery because gynaecomastia actually effects our confidence level.After surgery my body appearance changed positively.The doctor was very friendly.He explained very well about gynecomastia.I experienced that he has sound knowledge and experience in this field.He is very calm and completely understood my problems.There were no issues at or before or after surgery. My chest got good shape now and i am very happy.Not only doctor but all the staffs behaviour at the hospital was also nice.I strongly recommend this doctor.

sheik fareeth

I was done with my gynecomastia surgery at Tejas clinic. Dr Senthilkumar was very kind and too patient. Payment is also very less compared to another cosmetic surgery centre in Coimbatore. Finally Yes I am very happy and the result was awesome.

Mohankumar Mohankumar

i went to sir clinic i said my problem and sir is told about that how to treated in surgery and cost and post operative care and follow up so am did sugery at last month and that is very helpful for me and my life and sir was take more


Excellent services

abdul akbar

I had gynecomastia surgery at tejas cosmetic surgery center
The results were excellent and I am fully satisfied with the outcome
Thank you Dr Senthil kumar sir for your excellent service at affordable cost

krishna sanjai

Dr Senthil kumar cosmetic and plastic surgery at Tejas cosmetic surgery center in coimbatore is expert consultant in cosmetic surgery