Liposuction of the Abdomen

Liposuction is the type of fat removal surgery used to remove the unwanted fat from your body by doing liposuction surgery also known as a tummy tuck surgery. At Tejas, we are offering cheap liposuction surgery around Coimbatore. we are located in R.S Puram Coimbatore. For more details call us or send a query to filling the contact form.

1. The abdomen is the most common area of the body to be treated by liposuction surgery among both men and women.
2. Abdominal liposuction is primarily done in order to remove the fat from the abdominal area of the body.
3. The fat in the body consists of subcutaneous fat (superficial), located just below the skin and above the abdominal muscles – and intestinal fat (deep), located inside the abdominal cavity on the intestines.
4. Normally the subcutaneous fat is being removed through liposuction surgery, a we-Liposuction surgery specialist in Coimbatore makes your wish comes true.
5. Intestinal fat cannot be removed through this procedure.
6.The abdomen has cosmetic units namely the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks, and the periumbilical region.

Creation of six-packs using Liposuction Surgery

Everyone seems to have an area where fat loves to deposit. Liposuction surgery removes unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body

1. Abdominal etching is the refined procedure of liposuction where we can sculpt the inscriptions of muscles from the distant sit
2. It enhances the appearance of rippled abdominal muscles by removing fat at variable levels
3. By the different techniques of superficial and deep liposuctions and by carefully controlled etching cannulas in the previously marked sites, the etching can be achieved
4. If you want the liposuction to be done then you need to have a long-term commitment to diet and exercise
6. Dr. Senthilkumar at Tejas Cosmetic surgery Center evaluates the patients individually and according to the need and expectation of the patients he discusses various options for abdominal liposuction
7. Once the patient is given anesthesia, the abdominal area is infiltrated with the tumescent solution which is spread throughout the area to be treated
8. By many tiny incisions, the Liposuction cannulas are introduced.
Dressing and compression garments are given.You will be encouraged to get up from the bed as early as possible.In all the procedures compression garments which are custom made need to be worn continuously to have nice results. Fat is removed with suction from all possible directions to assure the most even result possible.

Liposuction Of The Thighs

1. The thighs are among areas where fat accumulates than any other parts of your body
2. A thick cushion of fat is in the thighs to protect the all-important muscles and bones that help you walk
3. But sometimes that cushion of fat becomes unsightly
4. Even though you work very hard for the muscles underneath the thighs with running, leg lifts or bodybuilding thigh does not vanish that easily
5. For many women, the hips and thighs cast a cello like a silhouette
6. If you undergo liposuction of your hips alone, your outer thighs may look larger by comparison
7. If you proceed with liposuction of your outer thighs alone, then your hips may look larger by comparison
8. The best result is obtained by suctioning both the hips and outer thighs, but not the depression between them, to bring your entire contour into harmony

9. The best time to consider liposuction is after you have stabilized your weight through diet and exercise
10. Having good skin tone is very important for the best results following liposuction
11. The better the skins tone, the better it will contract to fit the newly contoured fat after surgery
12. Younger patients having a good skin tone and especially over the outer thighs have a better result than an older patient who wants to reduce the inner thighs
13. In order to achieve maximum results after surgery, it is essential to wear a liposuction garment for several weeks following surgery
14. Liposuction surgery hospital’s garments provide firm pressure and support to suctioned areas, facilitate skin retraction, and optimize your final contour

Back And Flanks Liposuction

Are you searching for cheap liposuction surgery service? At the same time wanna high-end liposuction treatment? then you are in the right place.

1. In men, the flanks with fatty deposits are called love handles
2. The liposuction of the flanks and the backside of the abdomen are done along with the liposuction of the abdomen
3. Many of these patients have a small amount of fat and skin excess in the flanks above the high hip rolls in the flank region
4. So the variations in techniques will come to aid the cosmetic surgeon to do nice liposuction of these areas
5. You can get a good idea of the amount of fat by performing a pinch test
6. The entire back of the trunk fat can be removed in a mega liposuction session
7. Candidates for the liposuction are photographed and markings are made after a detailed discussion with the patient
8. The patient is completely anesthetized and turned back with arms are extended to have complete access to the target areas
9. After the tumescent fluid is injected, we will cut tiny slits in the skin through which the liposuction cannula will be inserted to extract the excess fat
10. This cannula is attached to the vacuum pump and fat is suctioned
11. The back will be slight pain and bruising after surgery but the patient should see improvement with each week that passes by
12. Compression garments are to be worn for several days following the procedures

Chin-Cheeks-Back of the neck

Normal liposuction is done with a scalpel and the surgeon surgically removes fat. You can do it even for people who are close to their ideal weight but want to reduce fat deposits below the navel. If you do normal liposuction surgery, you can use the fat to make a seat at Liposuction surgery clinic, Coimbatore.

1. Tumescent Liposuction is the method of choice for the removal of excess submental fat
2. Younger patients with round faces or hereditary double chins want to differently as they want to change their appearance by achieving a narrower face
3.Neck- chin-cheeks, the area has to be treated as a single unit
4. For liposuction of this region specially made 1.5-2 mm cannulas are used and the face is also treated simultaneously then a youthful effect can be achieved.
5. Hematoma, asymmetry, lumpiness as well as numbness are all possible side effects
6. It is therefore particularly important to make sure through the history that the patient is not taking aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
7. Double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates wrinkle, and the person will appear as having 2 chins instead of one
8. Double Chin can be contoured nicely by liposuction
9. The older patients will have to undergo some MUSCLE tightening along with liposuction procedure
10. All the procedures are followed by compression garments specially made for these regions

Liposuction of the arms

Liposuction of the arms has been offering by Tejas – the no.1 liposuction surgery center in Coimbatore.
1. Arm liposuction is the removal of fat from the underarms.
2. The accumulation of excess fat in the upper arms can occur at any stage in a woman’s life, regardless of age and even body weight.
3. Liposuction improves the appearance of the arms and gives confidence to the women and the arms appear thinner
4. The subcutaneous adipose tissue of the upper arm normally extends over the biceps and triceps, and thus around three-quarters of the circumference of the arm
5. Hence, in order to create a harmonious three-dimensional image of the upper arm, three-quarters of the circumference of the upper arm is Treated.
6. The volar side, which in most patients contains very little subcutaneous adipose tissue, can usually be left untreated.
7. Too aggressive an aspiration should be avoided at all costs, as arms that are too thin appear disproportionate and thus unattractive.
8. Liposuction of the arms can be done under regional anesthesia
9. The excess fat is removed through several tiny incisions in the armpit and by the elbow.
10. This is accomplished with different sized hollow tubes called cannulas.
11.And liposuction is performed through multiple tiny incisions in the .elbow and fom the armpit
12. The skin shrinks following liposuction of the arms
13. Custom made compression garments are worn for several weeks for good results