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    1. The thighs are among areas where fat accumulates than any other parts of your body
    2.A thick cushion of fat is in the thighs to protect the all-important muscles and bones that help you walk
    3.But sometimes that cushion of fat becomes unsightly
    4.Even though you work very hard for the muscles underneath the thighs with running, leg lifts or body building thigh does not vanish that easily
    5.For many women, the hips and thighs cast a cello like silhouette
    6.If you undergo liposuction of your hips alone, your outer thighs may look larger by comparison
    7.If you precede with liposuction of your outer thighs alone, then your hips may look larger by comparison
    8.The best result is obtained by suctioning both the hips and outer thighs, but not the depression between them, to bring your entire contour into harmony
    9.The best time to consider liposuction is after you have stabilized your weight through diet and exercise
    10.Having good skin tone is very important for the best results following liposuction
    11.The better the skins tone, the better it will contract to fit the newly contoured fat after surgery
    12.Younger patients having a good skin tone and especially over the outer thighs have a better result than an older patient who wants to reduce the inner thighs
    13.In order to achieve maximum results after surgery, it is essential to wear a liposuction garment for several weeks following surgery
    14.Liposuction garments provide firm pressure and support to suctioned areas, facilitate skin retraction, and optimize your final contour

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