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    1.Thigh lift surgery is successful at tightening up the skin in your inner and outer thigh regions.
    2.Thigh lift surgery is a pulling up of the tissues of your inner and outer thighs

    Lateral Thigh lift

    1.The tissue on the outer aspect of your thigh is elevated
    2.This procedure can be combined with an abdominoplasty procedure

    Medial Thigh lift

    1.The incision is made towards the top of the crease in the inner thigh area and this skin is elevated
    2.The scar is located in the natural crease of the region and will be well CONCEALED
    3.Before surgery all the patients are examined and the expectations of the patients are discussed with the surgeon
    4.After surgery, the patients will have dressings placed on the incisions and absorbable sutures are used to close the incisions.
    5.Drainage may be used to remove any excess fluid within 1-2 days of surgery.
    6.The patients will be fitted with compression garments which have to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks
    7.It is advisable not to put on excessive weight following the treatment as this will cause skin stretching

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