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    1.A Nose in disharmony draws attention.
    2.Because the nose is a focal point, any small unattractive feature can alter self-image,
    3.Some features of a BEAUTIFUL Nose are,
    4.A straight nasal dorsum,
    5.A narrow nasal tip,
    6.An appropriate angle between the nostrils and upper lip,
    7.An appropriate amount of nasal projection from the face, and
    8.An appropriate width.Of the nose
    9.The name derives from the Greek term rhino meaning nose and plasty meaning to shape or reform
    10.The Rhinoplasty procedure itself is a highly individualised procedure as you yourself should decide in your goals rather than someone's suggestions or trying to be alike of someone's nose
    11.Rhinoplasty , Nose surgery on nose job is a surgery to enhance your facial features by altering the proportion of the nose

    You can consider taking up Rhinoplasty

    1- If the nose that is bigger when compared to other facial structures.
    2-When in profile if nose has some humps or depressions
    3-If tip of the nose if it is bulbous or drooping
    4-If the nostrils are too wide or too narrow
    5-If the symmetry of the nose is not equal
    6-If the nose is deviated
    The Rhinoplasty procedure itself is a highly individualised procedure as you yourself should decide in your goals rather than someones suggestions or trying to be alike of someones nose in any COSMETIC Procedure if the realistic expectations of you are specific then you can be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty


    1.For women, the Ideal angle between nose and face is 30 to 40 degrees.
    2.If the angle greater than 40 degrees, then your nose is too prominent
    3.If it is less than 30 degrees, then your nose is too flat.
    4.Another angle is the angle between the profile of the nose and the base of the nose
    5.If it is greater than 105 degrees, then your tip may be upturned.
    6.If it is less than 90 degrees, then your tip may be too low for most women
    7.Before you see your plastic surgeon, spend time with your mirror.
    8.Decide which nasal features specifically bother you

    Closed Rhinoplasty

    In a closed Rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nose, so there are no visible scars.
    1.The surgeon has a limited view of the cartilage and bone.
    2.Yet many plastic surgeons are comfortable with this technique and achieve excellent results.

    Open Rhinoplasty

    1.In open Rhinoplasty, the nose skin is lifted, allowing the surgeon a better view of the cartilage and bone.
    2.The surgeon makes a small incision on the underside of the nasal tip, between the two nostrils
    3.Additional incisions are also made inside the nose.
    4.Some surgeons prefer this approach because it allows them greater visibility of some portions of the nose.
    5.Usually the procedure is done in General Anaesthesia
    6.It takes 2 to 3 hours for the procedure


    1.Packing of the nose will be used to control bleeding. If so, it will be removed in one to seven days. While packing is in place, it is uncomfortable.
    2.Removal is also unpleasant. This is probably the worst part of Rhinoplasty

    After Surgery

    1.You can be sent home on the same day
    2.There will be pain and oedema for some days which can be managed with pain killers
    3.The majority of swelling subsides within two weeks after closed Rhinoplasty and four weeks after open Rhinoplasty.
    4.Minor swelling can persist much longer, but it is usually not bothersome.
    5.Your nose will be taped at the completion of surgery.
    6.If your nasal bones were broken, you will also receive a small cast.
    7.The cast and tape are removed in five to ten days.
    8.You will have absorbable stitches on the inside of your nose.
    9.If your Rhinoplasty was open, you will also have stitches under the tip of your nose.
    10.They will be removed in four to seven days.

    Final result

    1.May be seen as soon as three months or as late as two years or longer.
    2.The majority see their excellent results after a period of 2 years

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