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  • Otoplasty(Ear Surgery)

    1.In some children the ears are appearing very prominent and causing embarrassment to the child as well as to the parents
    2.These ears are called bat ears and can be corrected and made to appear normal
    3.The ears are away from the head and the surgery is done to make the ears appear closer to the head
    4.The surgery is done after the age of 5 years
    5.The surgeon decides about the type of surgery and cartilage is reshaped and remodeled
    6.The surgery is done under general anesthesia and it takes about 2 hours for the procedure
    7.Dressings which are somewhat bulkier are placed over the operated areas and care is taken so that there is no compression over the operated ears
    8.The sutures are removed on the 10th day and you can start doing light work after 1 week
    9.At TEJASCOSMETICSURGERYCENTER Otoplasty is also done for the deformities like cup ears, lop ears, cleft ears ,constricted ears, and stahls ears etc

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