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  • Chin-Cheeks-Back of the neck

    1.Tumescent Liposuction is the method of choice for the removal of excess sub mental fat
    2.Younger patients with round faces or hereditary double chins want to differently as they want to change their appearance by achieving a narrower face
    3.Neck- chin-cheeks, area has to be treated as a single unit
    4.For liposuction of this region specially made 1.5-2 mm cannulas are used and the face is also treated simultaneously then a youthful effect can be achieved.
    5.Hematoma, asymmetry, lumpiness as well as numbness are all possible side effects
    6.It is therefore particularly important to make sure through the history that the patient is not taking aspirin, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    7.Double chinis a layer of subcutaneous fat around theneck that sags down and creates wrinkle,and the person will appear as having 2 chins instead of one
    8.Double Chin can be contoured nicely by liposuction
    9.The older patients will have to undergo some MUSCLE tightening along with liposuction procedure
    10.All the procedures are followed by compression garments specially made for these regions

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