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    1.Liposuction is a surgery that reshapes the body through the removal of excess fat from the selected areas
    2.The procedure itself is not a substitute for weight reduction; it is the surgery that removes localized fat that is not at all responding to the diet and exercise
    3.Liposuction has a very high patient satisfaction and equally very safe in the experienced hands
    4.The surgery is performed through cannulas inserted in the deep fat layers so that the blood supply to the superficial fatty layer and the skin is protected
    5.Women tend to have more accumulations of fat than the men do and they have accumulations of fat in the hips upper part of the thighs and buttocks
    6.The procedure can be performed entirely under local anesthesia but in our center we recommend general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia for our patients
    7.After assessing the fitness for surgery and detailed discussions on the expectation of the patients in the initial consultations, the patient is seen by the anesthesiologist one day prior surgery
    8.Markings will be made on the day of surgery and the patient will be subjected to anesthesia
    9.Tumescent fluid will be injected to the areas where liposuction is to be performed
    10.By making 3to 5 mm incisions the cannulas will be introduced and the fat will be removed
    11.After the procedure compression dressings will be placed in the treated areas
    12.Patients will be mobilized from bed as early as possible and will be discharged in the next 2 to 3 days
    13.Daily routine can be started in 7 to 10 day period
    14.The patients have to wear compression garments for a period of 3 to 4 months

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