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    1.Why some men are bald and others are having high density of hair at the same age group?
    2.There are about 1 million hair follicles in the head at the middle of pregnancy in the womb and About 100000 follicles residing in the scalp at the same time
    3.Hair growth has three cycles namely the Anagen Catagen and Telogen phases
    4.Hair will go through all the phases throughout a person's life
    5.These cycles are interrupted if the patient is affected by certain medical conditions, if he is taking certain medications or in case of pregnancy in females
    6.Hair growth also depends on the area, for example the eyebrow hairs have a very short Anagen phase hence the brow hair remains short throughout the life
    7.There are different causes for baldness, among them are Male Pattern Baldness due to dihydrotestosterone and genetic predisposition
    8.Stress factor also comes into play affecting the Telogen phase of hair cycle this could be due to pregnancy, crash dieting , worrying too much, and after any brief illness
    9.Certain diseases of thyroid and endocrine organs also cause hair loss
    10.Certain drugs like isotretinoin and anabolic drugs also induce hair loss
    11.So if a patient comes for hair loss we at TEJASCOSMETICSURGERYCENTER he will be investigated for the possible causes for his hair loss
    12.The patients are always confused what products to be used for hair growth
    13.There are lot of herbal medications in the market but they are not purely herbal as they are subjected through various chemical processes for extracting and addition of preservatives
    14.They all have heavy metal content and they are banned in western countries because of this and the side effects are not studied in a scientific way
    15.The two drugs that show promising results are Minoxidil and Finasteride
    16.Minoxidil does not grow any new hair growth but it causes shrunken hair follicles to grow into terminal follicles
    17.Finasteride inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT causing the number of hair follicles to increase as well as their shaft diameters
    18.At TEJASCOSMETICSURGERYCENTER we use various combinations of hair growth
    19.vitamins and other topical preparations to improve the hair growth and density to prevent hair loss
    20.If all these measures fail the patients are given a choice to undergo hair transplantation

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