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  • Fillers

    1.A more youthful face is heart shaped.
    2.As we age the gravitational forces lead to descent of underlying muscles and soft tissues
    3.As we age the volume is also lost
    4.Hence we may get prominent nasolabial folds,labiomental folds called marionette lines,tear troughs develop between the eyes and upper aspect of the cheeks.
    5.All these anatomical changes can be altered with Hyaluronic acid fillers
    6.These HA products can be injected in very small quantities.
    7.These fillers can be combined with Botox injections so that the retention of fillers are maintained.
    8.After the injection the area is slightly massaged and cold compresses are applied
    9.The patients are advised not to undertake strenuous activity for 7 days as the redness and edema subsides during this period.

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