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    1.A face lift, or Rhytidectomy,is a procedure to improve the overall appearance of the face and the jaw area.
    2.Due to gravity, the face and neck descends and creates an aged appearance to your face
    3.Face lift - this term is actually a misnomer as the surgery only tightens the lower half of the face and neck and one does not manipulate the entire forehead skin to jaw crease
    4.A Facelift tightens the skin of your cheeks, resulting in some improvement in the nasolabial fold, a crease that runs from your nose to your chin, curving around your mouth.
    5.By Face lift the nasolabial fold improves and your platysmal bands in the neck disappears and the jowls of the face are also improved
    6.The skin and deeper tissues of the face are remodelled and reshaped and anchored through hidden incisions.
    7.There will be ultimately no scars or the scars will be very obscure so that they can be camouflaged by makeup.
    8.Face lift can be combined with the forehead lift and Blepheroplasty so that it improves the overall appearance of the face
    9.The most commonly preformed lifts include the superficial MusculoAponeurotic System (SMAS) lift and the deep plane facelift, while less invasive surgeries include the short scar facelift and endoscopic facelift.


    1.This procedure lifts the superficial top layers of skin as well as deeper tissues of the face and neck (also known as the SMAS).
    2.During the SMAS lift an incision is made at the temple above the hairline and is extended downward. encircling the ear
    3.This cut is made along the creases in your skin, in front or at the edge of the ear, below the ear lobe, and behind your ear.
    4.Others are Deep plane lift and MACS lift
    5.Still less invasive are the thread lift where barbed sutures are used to gather the skin and deep tissues that act as hooks and anchoring done in a desirable way

    After Facelift

    1.Avoid excessive turning of your head, and neck flexing, during the first week after your facelift.
    2.You should keep your head elevated for about two weeks.
    3.You can expect swelling and oedema of rhe face with some discoloration of the face lasting for 2 to 3 days.

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