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    1. In a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied to the skin and allowed to soak in the face and left for sometime.
    2.After the next 2 weeks depending on how deeply the chemical penetrated the skin, the skin peels off.
    3.Chemical peeling causes injury to the parts of the skin in a controlled way so that new skin can grow in its place
    4.Chemical peels do cause damage in the top and middle layers of the skin.
    5.Depending on the level of injury by the peeling agent, it can remove wrinkles, spots due to old age and freckles.
    6.Some can diminish minimal scarring, improve skin tone, remove blotchiness, and clear facial acne.
    7.We at TEJASCOSMETICSURGERYCENTER use glycolic acid peels or TCA peels depending on the patients requirements.
    8.Chemical peeling is done as a office procedure
    9.Normally, the application of the Peel treatment will take around twenty minutes
    10.It may vary depending on the number of layers applied and the number of areas to be treated.
    11.We will determine how many layers have to be applied in order for you to reach your goal.
    12.Your skin will peel within two to three days.
    13.This peeling will continue after the procedure for several days.
    14.The recovery usually takes about 15 days
    15.After chemical peeling you have to protect from the sun and use sun screen lotions regularly

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