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  • Brow Lift

    1.An aging forehead with low brows and deep creases can make a person appear tired
    2.Forehead lift, also called a brow lift, has a dramatic effect and is among the most powerful options in facial rejuvenation.
    3.The mood of the person can be simply seen by his position of the brows and forehead and eyes
    4.The sagging of the tissues during aging not only brings down the brows but also brings horizontal forehead lines and scowl lines
    5.Normally the brow is positioned just above the bony rim above your eyes
    6.Because of the sagging of the brows there is a lateral hooding of the skin in the eyelid skin outwards
    7.Brow lift procedure can improve the Brow position Also the horizontal forehead wrinkles are softened.
    8.Along with this there is a decrease in the Scowl lines between the eyebrows
    9.There are different approaches for the Brow lift
    10.Endoscopic brow lift where the MUSCLES are sectioned through endoscope that cause scowling and the skin is anchored to scalp behind the hairline with absorbable or metal screws
    11.Other technique is by a Coronal lift the incision extends across the top of the head from ear to ear .
    12.The forehead muscle and the corrugators MUSCLES are surgically weakened.
    13.The surgeon then removes excess skin, up to an inch in width and sometimes more.

    Subcutaneous Lift

    1.The incision for a subcutaneous forehead lift is just below the hairline
    2.Subcutaneous lifts offer several advantages.
    3.Because the incision is in front of the hairline, the hairline is not shifted upward when skin is removed.

    Safter surgery

    1.There is always some swelling which Improves in ten to fourteen days.
    2.You can reduce swelling through constant head elevation and frequent application of ice
    3.You can resume your daily activities by 7 to 10 days

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