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    1.In men the flanks with fatty deposits are called love handles
    2.The liposuction of the flanks and the backside of the abdomen are done along with the liposuction of the abdomen
    3.Many of these patients have a small amount of fat and skin excess in the flanks above the high hip rolls in the flank region
    4.So the variations in techniques will come to aid the cosmetic surgeon to do a nice liposuction of these areas
    5.You can get a good idea of the amount of fat by performing pinch test
    6.The entire back of the trunk fat can be removed in a mega liposuction session
    7.Candidates for the liposuction are photographed and markings are made after detailed discussion with the patient
    8.The patient is completely anesthetized and turned back with arms are extended to have complete access to the target areas
    9.After the tumescent fluid is injected,, we will cut tiny slits in the skin through which the liposuction cannula will be inserted to extract the excess fat
    10.This cannula is attached to the vacuum pump and fat is suctioned
    11.The back will be slight painful and bruised after surgery but the patient should see improvement with each week that passes by
    12.Compression garments are to be worn for several days following the procedures

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